Swedetech Customers Dominate SKUSA Spring Nationals

May 2, 2016

Swedetech Customers Dominate SKUSA Spring Nationals

The SKUSA Spring Nationals at the Phoenix Kart Racing Association was a fantastic event for many SwedeTech drivers and our company alike. Swedetech powerplants occupied 15 of the 24 possible podium positions. Saturday's season kick off race was absolutely dominated by SwedeTech customers, sweeping 3 of the 4 shifter classes.

A true testament to how hard our customers work at their race program.  

The S2 Stock Moto Class sponsored by 3G Kart Racing had a stout field of 30 shifter kart pilots.  Swedetech was well represented on the podium as our customers swept the Day 1 events podium.  

  • Winner - Austin Wilkins (SodiKart),
  • Runner Up - Kyle Kalish (Merlin)
  • Third - Harry Gottsacker (Intrepid)
  • Fifth - Sting Ray Robb (CRG) - setting Main event Fast Lap

Day 2 was a little less eventful for our S2 team.

  • Fourth - Kol Bailey (TonyKart)
  • Fifth - Kyle Kalish (Merlin)

The SwedeTech S4 Stock Moto Master and Super Masters did an outstanding job as well.  Day 1 was controlled and dominated by the Swedetech team.

  • S4 Winner - Jordon Musser (Intrepid)
  • S4 Runner Up - Ryan Kinnear (Intrepid)
  • S4 Third - Darren Elliott (CRG) - setting Main event fast lap

The S4 Super Masters didn't want to be outdown by the S4 and S2 guys, so they swept their podium as well.

  • S4 SM Winner - Robert Marks (CRG)
  • S4 SM Runner Up - Nick Firestone (DR)
  • S4 SM Third - Darrell Tunnell (CRG)

The S4 drivers werent completely satisfied with the podium sweep on Saturday, so they did their best to match it on Sunday, falling only 1 finish short.

  • S4 Runner Up - Ryan Kinnear (Intrepid)
  • S4 Third - Darren Elliott - (CRG)
  • S4 Fouth - Jordon Musser - (Intrepid)

S4 Super Masters also wanted to pad their points lead by trying to stack up the podium finishes.

  • S4 SM Winner - Nick Firestone (DR)
  • S4 SM Thirid - Robert Marks (CRG)
  • S4 SM Fourth - Ken Schilling (Vemme)

The Saturday Main event was extremely interesting for the S1 Pro Class.  The previous classes enjoyed a solid rain condition, but mother nature pulled out the stops for the elite shifter drivers by not raining while the drivers were on the grid.  Many drivers opted to stay with their rain tires, but a few opted to go with slicks.  

  • S1 Runner Up - Joey Wimsett (Ricciardo) - Slicks - Set Fast lap by 0.255 Seconds
  • S1 Fourth - Jake French (SodiKart) - Wets - Fastest driver on wets by 0.539 Seconds

After the rain set up gamble, Jake French would have a solid weekend with one third and fourth place finishes.  Kolton Griffin (TonyKart) pushed hard all weekend, secure himself a fifth place finish on Sunday.

SwedeTech is always proud of our customers, no matter what the results are because we know we have the best drivers in the sport.  We know they work hard and we match their dedication.  When a team leaves a karting event with the following results, how can an organization be unhappy.

Quick 2016 SKUSA Spring National Highlights

  • Main Event Winners - 4
  • Main Event Runner Ups - 5
  • Main Event Thirds - 6
  • Main Event Fourths - 4
  • Main Event Fifths - 3
  • Podiums Swept - 3
  • Pole Positions - 5

Again, thank you to our hard working customers that make these results possible.  We will see you at the next few events coming up.

  • Texas Pro Kart Challenge - Denton, TX - May 20, 2016
  • California Pro Kart Challenge - Sonoma, CA - June 3, 2016

To see our photos from the Spring Nationals, visit our Flickr page and assorted albums.  

Flickr 2016 Spring Nationals Album 

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