About Swedetech

Year after year, Sacramento based SwedeTech Racing Engines continues to supply winning 2-stroke engine packages for the following applications...

  • Shifter Karts 
    • Honda CR125 Stock Moto
    • Honda CR125 Modified
    • Honda CR80 Modified
    • ICC / KZ Engines including
      • TM Racing - all KZ10 and K9 Models
      • TM K9ES - Electric Start
      • IAME Exciter
      • IAME X30
      • IAME X30 Super Shifter 175cc
      • Maxter MXO and MXV models
      • Vortex RoK
      • Pavesi Evolution
    • Honda CR250
  •  TaG Karts - Touch and Go - Onboard Starter
    • IAME X30
    • IAME Parilla Leopard (MY09 and Leopard)
    • Rotax Max FR125 (Micro, Mini, Jr., and Sr)
    • IAME X30 Shifter (125cc and Super X30 w 175cc)
    • Vortex Rok and Rok TT
    • TM K9ES Electric Start
  •  Clutch Kart Engines (non Tag)
    • IAME HPV / KPV 100cc (Komet)
    • Yamaha KT100
  • GP Racing Bikes
    • RS125 and RS250
    • TZ250
  • Outlaw Karts
    • Honda CR125
    • Honda CR250
    • Honda CR500
  • Unlimited All Stars - UAS - 2 Stroke Division
  • Unlimited All Stars Limited Outlaw
  • Motocross (MX) Bikes - Two Strokes Only
  • Banshee ATV Mods
  • Custom Land Speed Record Applications (Two Stroke Only)

For engines not listed above, please contact SwedeTech Racing for available services offered. 

SwedeTech has spent countless hours developing, through intensive dyno and on-track testing, the Honda CR 80cc Moto, Honda CR 125cc Moto, Maxter ICC, Pavesi ICC, TM ICC, Parilla TaG, Parilla ICA and Parilla JICA engines, Rotax Max FR125, Vortex, and many other karting engines for use in club and national level racing programs.

Reine Persson is the only engine builder to win ShifterKart Illustrated's Engine Builder of the Year multiple times, 2001, 2002, and in 2003. After this much recognition in such a short time span, the award was discontinued.

Other great recognitions include artlices written about Swedetech and Reine Persson as an industry Power Broker.  One example appeared in Kart Sport Magazine, June 2004, Issue 16, Page 36.

SwedeTech Racing has also worked directly with many of the engine manufacturers as a developing partner. Much of this development is seen in current engine pacakges available to kart racers.

A quick glimps at some of the past accomplishments of Reine Persson and SwedeTech Racing Engines since 1998 includes:

  • Multiple AMA Pro Racing 250cc Grand Prix Championships
  • Multiple AMA Sports National Championships
  • Multiple Land Speed Records from 80cc to 350cc Two Stroke Motorcycle classes
  • Multiple International Karting Federation National and Regional Championships
  • 35+ SuperKarts USA SuperNational Main Event Victories (up to 2014)
  • Multiple SuperKarts USA Pro Tour National Championships
  • Multiple SuperKarts USA ProKart California Championships
  • Multiple SuperKarts USA ProKart Texas Championships
  • Mutiple WKA Daytona Kart Week Road Race Championships
  • Multiple Stars of Karting National Championships
  • Multiple Rotax Max Regional Series Championships
  • Multiple IKF Road Race Regional Championships
  • Multiple IKF Regional Championships
  • Multiple IKF Screaming Eagles and Duffy's
  • Multiple Rock Island Grand Prix Championships
  • Unlimited All Stars 2016 Winter Classic Main Event Winner

For a list of our recent accomplishments - visit our Results Page