Rotax Trade In Program

April 19, 2017

Rotax Trade In Program

Below is the official press release from IAME USA WEST and IAME USA EAST regarding a trade in program for Rotax TaG engines for a Mini Swift or X30 package.  For those who wish to take part in the program, Swedetech can help faciliate your trade in.  Contact our office for more details.

IAME USA (East and West) have collaborated with IAME S.P.A., MG Tires, and related parties to bring stability to the North American karting marketplace.

“It’s no secret,” remarked Eric Jones of IAME USA East. “Many karting engine manufacturers and race promotion entities have either closed up shop or created an unsustainable business
model. Our goal was to address this head on, in every way imaginable. Economics aside, the IAME platform also represents a truly universal competition medium. There are literally dozens of clubs, series, and championships a customer can race using the very same product.”

Throughout the last couple weeks, principles of IAME USA, IAME SPA, MG Tires Brazil, and other key constituents have convened to outline a concrete structure in the North American continent. One that is stable, secure, and most of all economically sound.

“We’re excited to introduce a viable trade in program for every karter in America,” remarked IAME USA West Principal Tom Kutscher. “We believe heavily in the IAME product and we know it will succeed in serving the North American karting consumer for decades to come.”

Effective immediately, IAME USA East and West are pleased to announce the 2017 IAME Trade In Program. This trade in program was formed as an effort to stabilize North American karting and to shore up a depreciating marketplace. Program details are as follows:

  • Competitors will be able to trade in their ROTAX engines for new IAME product for a special limited time price as follows:
    • $800.00 USD for Micro and Mini Swift plus shipping and applicable taxes.
    • $1,200.00 USD for X30 Junior and Senior plus shipping and applicable taxes.
  • Each racer who participates in the trade-in will also receive one free set of MG or Evinco tires, courtesy of MG Tires Brazil. 
  • All Rotax EVO engines and Rotax non-EVO engines with lettered cylinders are eligible for trade in. Engines traded MUST be solid, running engines and all components must be traded with kit including but not limited to engine, carb, fuel pump, electronics/wiring, battery, exhaust, hoses, radiator, etc. Rotax engine passport must also be included.
  • IAME USA East and IAME USA West have always made dealers a top priority and will be included in this program. Please include your IAME dealer’s name in the trade-in form to make sure your dealer gets credit for your trade.
  • Kart shops and race teams with multiple engines will be allowed. IAME USA reserves the right to limit the number of engines traded if needed. Please contact IAME USA East or IAME USA West directly regarding multiple engine trade ins.
  • IAME USA reserves the right to approve or deny any engine trade in request.*

The IAME family together with the MG Tires leadership, have banded together to create unmatched support for North American stakeholders. “Much is made about our involvement with the national programs,” explained MG’s Gianfranco Ventre. “But we realize the local shops and clubs represent our core customer. It’s very important for us to support these entities during this time of transition in the sport. We are very pleased to be able to offer support from MG Tires as part of this program.”

In addition to the IAME trade in program, IAME USA would like to remind all current and future IAME racers that the announced engine freeze on specifications for both the Swift and X30 packages has been reaffirmed for many years to come. This rules freeze, since inception in 2013, has played a substantial role in the success of the IAME platform in North America the last four years with only minor changes being made to further enhance the IAME program.

In the coming weeks, IAME USA will also be announcing the details of a Florida Winter Series for the 2018 winter season. Please stay tuned for more information.

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