Technology Information

 CR80 Engine Break-In

Always warm-up the engine on the stand and do a walk around of the engine and kart, check for loose bolts, water leaks, etc.

  • Break-in water temp. should be 150-155 degrees
  • Normal running water temp. 130-135 degrees
    • (Take the reading anywhere between the cyl. head outlet and the radiator)
  • New engine break-in 15-20 laps
  • New top end break-in 8-10 laps
  • Increase main jet 1-2 sizes for the break in procedure

On a 30 second track slow the pace 4-5 seconds per lap. Always drive with either full throttle or zero throttle. Do not limit engine by using partial throttle, as this causes a lean condition. Shift through all of the gears and when exiting corners, and allow the engine to fully rpm. On the straights, short shift the engine to keep the RPM’s low and to create a load. The load is needed to properly seat the ring and break in the piston.


Motul Trans oil 10w30 or 10w40 Expert (never use ATF)
New engine - 600ml
Use 50ml less for routine oil changes
Motul Kart Grand Prix or Maxima 927 - mix 24:1 for break-in and regular use.

Spark Plugs

NGK BR10EG or R7376-10


Standard Mikuni Flatslide
160-200 main
30-40 pilot
5DP39 needle 4th or 3rd clip from top


There are 2 water spigots by the water pump. The one in front is where the hose from the bottom of the radiator connects. The one behind it connects the hose to the inlet on the back of the head. Be sure not to mix them up!

Top End

SwedeTech always has top end parts in stock. You can order by phone or by internet at . When ordering, please have the base gasket thickness measurement available.

You will want to achieve a squish of 0.029”- 0.032” when installing a new piston. You will achieve this by using different thicknesses of base gaskets. Use 0.040” solder when checking the squish. We also have this available.