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Cost Comparison of the Honda CR125 Stock Moto and ICC / KZ Engine Packages - Part 1

June 25, 2014

Cost Comparison of the Honda CR125 Stock Moto and ICC / KZ Engine Packages - Part 1

The debate rages on in the online kart racing community over the cost effectiveness of the Honda CR125 Stock Moto package and the ICC / KZ class of engines. It is to the point that it is tiresome and always evolves into a completely different topic.

On that note, I am not going to address which engine is “Better” in this article, but I am going to state the current facts of cost. In this article, I am going to compare a fully prepped 2001 SwedeTech Honda CR125 Stock Moto package to a Factory Prepped TM KZ10B. Both packages will be priced as a complete engine package, assuming the customer is supplying a radiator and complete rolling chassis. Keep in mind that costs in the article include fuel line, filters, exhaust systems, intake system, jet kit, airbox / air filter, oil / lubricants, chain, sprockets, cables, and water hose kits. This is known to SwedeTech Racing as a complete engine package less radiator.

We will start with the Factory Prepped (TM Factory, not SwedeTech) TM KZ10B engine. Some may ask why we are comparing a stock TM KZ to a Stock Moto. My rationale is simple. The KZ / ICC class allows porting and machining of many components, this will add additional cost to the end user. The Stock Moto engine does not allow any machining or porting, so we are trying to compare as fair and equal as possible. I’ve also chosen the TM engine because it is the most popular KZ package in our country, as well as offering lower parts cost compared to other KZ brands.

The TM KZ10B complete package will cost you $8125.00 before taxes and shipping expenses. The 2001 SwedeTech Honda CR125 complete package will cost you $5999.00 before shipping and taxes. Again, I am stating these are complete engine packages based on current list / retail pricing. I’m not diving into the “I can find it cheaper online” scenario. Cost difference is a $2,126.00 advantage for the Honda, or 9 ½ complete sets of MG White Tires.

Now you have both engines and you are burning up laps to beat the fast guys. The TM and the Stock Honda have similar top end replacement intervals. Based on the experience of the SwedeTech staff, we recommend changing the top ends every 5-8 gallons of fuel. This is based on national level competition. I really don’t care if you were able to run one piston for 5000 hours, we have all heard the same anecdotes.

The Top End kit consists of a piston, ring, bearing, wrist pin, 2 circlips, base gasket, head gasket (or o-rings), and exhaust gasket (or o-rings). TM KZ10 Top end kit costs $177.23, plus shipping and taxes. The Stock Honda Top End kit costs $138.79.

Assuming the average kart racer enters 12 events a year and uses 5 gallons of fuel per event, the karter is running 60 gallons of fuel through the engine. Assuming the karter changes the piston every 8 gallons of fuel, he / she will require 8 top end kits for the full race season. TM KZ10B top end cost for 12 events is $1329.23 and the Stock Honda top end cost is $1040.93. Cost difference is a $288.30 advantage for the Honda, or 15 gallons of MS98 and 5 bottles of Motul Kart Grand Prix.

Now we dive into the fun part, the lower end maintenance of each engine package.  You can find Part 2 of this series here.